Dyrii Journal 1.14 - Diary for your memories (was Dyrii).

Dyrii Journal is more than just a diary or a journal. It is a time capsule for all your memories and experiences on planet earth!

Examples of use:

Write privately instead of on social media
On busy days, capture photos, audio, video on-the-go
Automatically log all the places you visit in a day
Keep notes on your health and mood
Effortlessly write using a library of templates specialized for dream notes, gratitude, annual resolutions, CBT, health, and wellness etc


Timeline for all your private posts and activities
Record rich text, photos, audio, video, sketches, handwritten notes
Advanced editor with inline formatting and multiple attachments
Automatic journal to keep log of all the places your visit each day
Day/Week view to easily glimpse through your days
Tags for organizing and indexing your own way
Health and mood tracker to keep notes about health incidents
Creative Slate to sketch, doodle, or create handwritten notes with the Apple Pencil
Private storage to securely store your data in your iCloud account
Offline mode to store data locally on the device for additional privacy
Other features such as passcode and Touch ID, reminders, print to PDF, and import data from other apps

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases. Version 1.14:

Added capability to attach multiple inline audio and video attachments, similar to photos.
Plumping to support longer duration audio and video files. We are soon going to completely eliminate the timing limitation for audio/video files for premium users.
Added ability to insert existing audio and video files.
Added ability to take a photo using device's camera.
Added ability to copy-paste photos directly into the editor. This works with Audio and Video files as well.
Added a new dedicated Menu category under Editor bar menu to Insert Photo, Audio, Video files.
Visual Improvements to how images are displayed in tiled mode.
New flat and minimalistic date header
Added perspectives for City, County on the sidebar
Resolved an issue that caused deleted images to appear in thumbnail and album view.
New options under Mood, Health Symptoms, and Life Milestones.
Other fixes for performance improvements.

OS X 10.11 or later
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