Safari Technology Preview 11.1 - The newest browser tech from Apple.

Safari Technology Preview contains the most recent additions and improvements to WebKit and the latest advances in Safari web technologies. And once installed, you will receive notifications of updates from the Mac App Store.


Shared Links Extensibility. Use the new Shared Links API extension to add link suggestions to the shared links feed on Safari for OS X and iOS.
Content Blocking API for Safari extensions. Easily block content from a large collection of webpage resources with minimal overhead and incredibly high performance.
Force Touch Trackpad Mouse Events. Create interactivity like never before using new events and force information from the Force Touch Trackpad.
CSS Scroll Snapping. Use CSS scroll snapping to keep the focal point of your content in view when scrolling momentum stops.
FairPlay Streaming. Stream premium web video content securely with FairPlay Streaming support in Safari on OS X.
AirPlay for HTML5 Video. If you use custom controls for your HTML5 media, use JavaScript AirPlay support to add your own control to stream video to Apple TV.
HTML5 Video PiP. Use new JavaScript PiP support for iOS to add your own Picture in Picture control to custom controls for HTML5 videos.
Backdrop Filters. Add advanced image filters to the backdrop of your elements to achieve modern iOS and OS X material effects in your web content layouts.
Version 11.1: (13605.1.19.1, Release 47):

Note: Now requires macOS 10.13 or later; download for macOS 10.12.6 in Related Links.

Storage Access API

Enabled allowing requests from non-sandboxed iframes
Implemented frame-specific access in the document.cookie layer
Made document.hasStorageAccess() retrieve the current status from the network process
Refactored XPC for access removal to go straight from the web process to the network process
Removed the JavaScript confirm() prompt when requesting storage access

Service Workers

Added support for response blob given to fetch events
Cancelled pending script loads when a Service Worker is being terminated
Changed Service Worker to expose redirect mode for navigation loads as manual
Changed extracting a body of type Blob to set the Content-Type to null instead of an empty string
Changed to use “error” redirect mode for fetching service worker scripts
Changed the Service Worker script fetch request to set the Service-Worker header
Changed Service Worker to not clean HTTP headers added by the application or by Fetch specification before Service Worker interception
Changed to reuse the document Service Worker for data URLs and blob URLs
Enabled User Timing and Resource Timing for Server Workers
Fixed the default scope used when registering a service worker
Fixed the Service Worker Registration promise sometimes not getting rejected when the script load fails
Fixed Service Worker served response tainting to keep its tainting
Fixed scopeURL to start with the provided scriptURL
Fixed self.importScripts() to obey updateViaCache inside service workers
Fixed Fetch handling to wait for the Service Worker’s state to become activated
Fixed SameOrigin and CORS fetch to fail on opaque responses served from a Service Worker
Fixed memory cache to not reuse resources with a different credential fetch option
Implemented “main fetch” default referrer policy setting
Prevented searching for service worker registration for non-HTTP navigation loads
Supported Service Worker interception of a request with blob body


Enabled picture-in-picture from an inline element on suspend
Fixed playing media elements which call “pause(); play()” getting the play promise rejected
Fixed frame dropping during Flash video playback
Implemented iframe allow="camera; microphone"


Corrected the SVG lighting filter lights coordinate system
Fixed elements animated on-screen that are sometimes missing
Fixed setting the fePointLights color
Fixed the color of the bottom right pixel of feDiffuseLighting
Fixed SVG lighting colors to be converted into linearSRGB
Fixed feLighting with primitiveUnits="objectBoundingBox"
Updated the SVG use element’s shadow trees explicitly before the style recall

Web Inspector

Enabled the Canvas Tab by default
Improved open time performance when enumerating system fonts
Fixed Command-Option-R (⌘⌥R) in the docked inspector causing Web Inspector to reload instead of the inspected page
Fixed the URL filter in the Network Tab to be case-insensitive like filter bars in other tabs
Fixed mis-sized waterfall graphs in the Network Tab after closing the detail view
Redesigned the waterfall popover showing timing data in the Network Tab table
Updated the Time column in the Network Tab table to include the total duration not just the download duration
Added an inline swatch for CSS variables in the Styles sidebar
Added support for typing a semicolon at the end of a value to move to the next property in the Styles sidebar
Enabled Command-S (⌘S) to save changes in the matching CSS resource in the Styles sidebar
Fixed selecting text in the Styles sidebar to not add new properties
Fixed “Log Value” context menu sometimes being unavailable
Fixed DOM Tree Element selection in RTL mode
Fixed find banner sometimes not working when already populated and shown for first time on resource
Fixed fuzzy Capture Element screenshots
Fixed CSS source maps not loading
Implemented clicking above the selector to prepend a new property in the Styles sidebar

Clipboard API

Fixed isSafari runtime check to enable custom clipboard types and clipboard data sanitization in Safari Technology Preview
Fixed not being able to paste images on Gmail
Reverted blob URL conversions in pasted contents for LegacyWebKit clients

Bug Fix

Avoided waking plugin process up unnecessarily

macOS 10.13 or later
Version for macOS 10.12.6 in Related Links
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