Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery v.7.0-Recover photos, music and video that have been lost or damaged

There's nothing worse than losing your precious holiday snaps due to a memory card error or finding that your photos are corrupted.
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is designed to help you recover photos in case the worst happens. Despite the name, Stella Phoenix Photo Recovery actually recovers music and videos as well. After installation, the main user interface appears on the screen. You have three options - Data Recovery for a new search, Resume Recovery for one you started earlier (useful for very large hard disks) and Create Image . By default, Data Recovery is selected so all you need to do is click on the camera in the middle to Start Scan .
In the next window pane it shows all of the storage media devices available on your machine, including external ones. You can scan these media to detect photos that may be recoverable. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery will then search the entire drive for files and list them in tree view. Note that you can also perform an Advance Scan which allows you to specify certain files to omit. Resume Scan follows exactly the same format.
Create image allows you to create an image of the media which may help to recover media that are suffering from bad sectors. After creating the image file, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recover will scan it to detect what can be recovered from it. Simply select a location on your hard drive to save the image and the application will save the image there.
Scanning of drives is pretty quick and within seconds you can see the image files that are recoverable. Note that you should never try to recover files to the same destination that you've scanned them from, otherwise they will simply overwrite them! However, this latest version of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery features a much easier to use and streamlined interface that makes the recovery process much easier and should prevent you from accidentally overwriting anything.
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is useful as a quick-fix solution to photo, music and video loss, it's definitely worth a try. Download Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery v.7.0 in Softonic

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