iDrive - Automatic online backup; free 5GB account (was iDriveforMac).

IDrive is a user-friendly, secure, and reliable application that performs automated online backup of your files and folders.

Note: You must first sign up to use iDrive.

The application safeguards your critical data in case of a system crash. The graphical interface is coupled with powerful scheduling and logging features.

Incremental backups - only modified portions of files are backed up, thereby conserving bandwidth
Data compression during transmission for quick backups
Enhanced security with 128-bit SSL encryption on data transfers
Network or mapped-drive backup support
Automatic backup of critical data including the Desktop, Downloads, Documents, Music, Movies, and Pictures folders
Locate files and folders backed up to your account and restore the same to your Mac desktop
Snapshots allow you to retain changed data history over a period of time
Provision to regulate the Internet bandwidth usage with the Bandwidth Throttle feature more
Provision to perform interactive backups/restores or to schedule backups for a future date and time
'Automatic Power off' option after a scheduled backup - the machine shuts down automatically once data is backed up

Note: there are subscription options available or this app and can be viewed here. Version

Minor bug fixes

OS X 10.8 or later
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